White Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence during the Russian Civil War

Viktor Bortnevski


The activity of various intelligence and security institutions during the Russian Civil War is a complex and understudied topic.

It is difficult to fmd any other period in modem Russian history before 1992, in which so many independent or autonomous authorities engaged in espionage and counter-intelligence. The Red and White Armies each organized and operated large counter-intelligence operations during the civil war. Yet the history of intelligence and counter-intelligence during the Russian Civil War has not yet been written. For many years, Soviet historians were not interested in presenting or allowed to present a balanced evaluation picture of such White activities. A favorite subject in novels and movies was the victory of honest and gentle "Chekists" over "White bandits," who never even came close to victory. Since the opening of the relevant archives, other issues and interests have taken priority causing this topic to remain under-researched.




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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/cbp.1995.65


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